Monday, February 5, 2018

Hyde from Singapore - Kanagawa


Went back to Kanto for summer vacation where I was staying in Yuigahama, in Kamakura, for 3 days. Decided to rent a bike from Rental819’s Fujisawa Outlet for 2 days in the Shounan area. It was my first time riding in Japan and was very nervous about it, since I had not rode a bike for ages. Takamatsu-san of Fujisawa Outlet was very helpful and detailed in briefing me about riding in Japan, and in order to regain my riding confidence, he advised me to test ride/ familiarize with the bike just outside the alley of the driving school for 3 rounds and without knowing, I just took it off to the main roads from there.

I have chosen Honda VTR250 for the start since I wasn’t that ready to take control of a 400CC bike. If you are a fan of V-Twin engines or “Mini Ducati”, this bike is one of the considerations. 

After catching a movie and dinner at Tsujido’s Terrace Mall Shounan, it was already dark. I decided to take a relaxing night ride along the Shounan’s coast to Enoshima to chill-out, before ending the day back at my hostel.

Day 2 was a day trip to Miura Peninsula. Had simple breakfast outside a 7-11 convenient store after setting off from my hostel.


First stop was visiting the late X-Japan’s guitarist, hide. Wasn’t much of a trouble getting there as I have been in the Shounan area couple of times.

After paying respect to hide, headed further south to Jougashima, the most southern end of Miura Peninsula. This is actually one of the reasons a bike is needed, because there is limited public transport getting here from Misakiguchi/ Miura Kaigan stations. Brought my Pikachu along as my traveling partner. For nature lover, you wouldn’t regret coming to this isolated corner of the peninsula.

It’s all about fresh seafood at Misaki Port. Had lunch at one of the Shokudou around the fishing port area in Jougashima

Had a short exploration around the fishing port area in Jougashima after lunch.

While on the way back to Kamakura from Jougashima, stopped by several places which are worth visiting for. The first, being Arasaki Park. Which is well known for one of Kanagawa Prefecture’s scenic spot. 

From Arasaki Park, decided to take a photoshoot for the bike at this special spot. This particular alley which was facing the sea, was being used by renowned singer-song writer YUI in her music video, “I Remember You”. 

Setting off from Hayama town, I stopped by Shichirigama Beach for a rest, before the last run of the day. It is one of my favorite spot in Shounan and I had always come here in the past by Enoden. It is also a stage for the famous Japanese movie “Taiyou no Uta” starring YUI and Tsukamoto Takeshi

Shounan is also well known for its beaches. The Southern C at Chigasaki is a landmark for it. Not the first time here, but the first time with a bike in front of the C. With the kinen shashin at Chigasaki, I returned the white stallion back to Fujisawa Outlet with a fulfilling Shounan Summer Ride. I told myself: 今度、ここに帰ってくる時、「県を越える旅」をしようぜ。

RENTAL PERIOD: 2017-08-09 TO 2017-08-10 @ FUJISAWA OUTLET