Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bryan from Australia - Tokyo & Kyoto

During a recent trip to Japan, at the last minute I decided I would like to ride a bike for a day. With only little more than a days notice, the helpful team at Rental 819 was able to hook me up with a sweet MT-09 and a helmet and send me on my way for a day of adventurous Tokyo riding. With the help of my trust compass and the setting sun, I had a ball of a time getting used to the amazing Japanese way of life on the roads.

Then a few days later when I was in Kyoto I decided to ring up the 819 crew once more and this time get a bike for three days, so I could sample some of the sights and tackle some of the twisty stuff around Lake Biwa.

I was not disappointed! This time with a little more warning, I was able to walk into the Kyoto store and steal away with a ZX14-R (that I fell in love with) and had the most fantastic time of my whole trip. The roads around Kyoto and Lake Biwa are like a bikers Disneyland. Breathtaking. And the crew at Rental 819 was able to make it happen for me.
I will definitely be hooking up with them again next year when I travel the length of the gorgeous island of Japan in 2015.


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